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A work tool for teachers and students, but especially for Secondary School Students. Comprehensive lesson notes, with exercises. Past questions in specific subjects for revision and research.

About the Blogger

Precious Ikpoza is a trained and certified Teacher. He is a professional teacher certified by the Federal Government of Nigeria. He has over fifteen years teaching experience in primary and secondary schools. His instinctive love for  journalism is the primary aim of launching this Blog. 
His teaching experience include teaching technology, science and computer subjects.  He has a cherish-able interests in nurturing students into embracing the skills of writing/presenting poetry and acting.

Precious Ikpoza is vastly savvy of utilization of Adobe Photoshop, 3D Max, Adobe After Effects,  Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Adobe Soundbooth, Adobe Illustrator, Visual SourceSafe, Search Optimisation, Web Server Administration and Content Management Systems.  

For a more in-depth look at his work, visit http://bit.ly/1TzPixq (YouTube).

Some of his achieved Projects and Productions:

·1hour Informative Video Documentary for UEC College, Ikorodu Lagos. (June 2014)
·A short informative documentary on Ebola – EVD (2014). http://bit.ly/1VyUHTg
·Music Video: Moment for life – An advert for UEC College Ikorodu-Lagos. http://bit.ly/1UhuYjZ

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