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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Physical Health Education (PHE) Mock Examination For JS3 - part 1

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1. All the following are aquatic sports except______ (a) abula game (b) water polo (c) canoeing (d) swimming

2. All but one of the following is not an infectious disease? (a) small pox (b) measles (c) chicken pox (d) kwashiorkor

3. It is necessary to boil and filter water from the stream before drinking (a) during the dry season only (b) during rainy season only (c) all the year round (d) only when it is brown in colour

4. To overcome fear, where should a beginner start in the pool? (a) diving board (b) shallow end (c) deepest end (d) deeper end

5. Which of the fastest swimming stroke? (a) front crawl (b) back crawl (c) butterfly stroke (d) breast stroke

6. How many lanes have a standard Olympic swimming pool? (a) 2-3 (b) 4-6 (c) 6-8 (d) 9-10

7. For good public health, one of the following provisions is not essential (a) toilet (b) dispensaries (c) incinerators (d) cinema house

8. A condition of being a male or a female is called_______(a) sex (b) gender (c) group (d) gendo

9. One of the following is not a reason why female participation in sport is low (a) no encouragement of the athlete (b) fear of competition or injuries (c) culture of the people (d) encouragement

10. The ability to uphold or stand up to what one want or believes in is referred to as_________ (a) tolerance (b) assertiveness (c) aggressiveness (d) commitment

11. Meal that contains various classes of food in the right proportion is _________ (a) vitamin (b) proteins (c) carbohydrates (d) balanced diet

12. _________is an electronic device that accept input, produces data, store data and produces information as output (a) machine (b) processor (c) computer (d) garbage out

13. The term aquatic mean__________ (a) activities preformed in water (b) activities performed on the field (c) activities performed on track (d) activities perform on horse

14. One of these is not an aquatic swimming (a) canoeing (b) shooting (c) swimming (d) diving

15. _________ is the escape of blood from the blood vessels (a) fracture (b) bleeding (c) hemorrhage (d) dislocation

16. The system of the body responsible for the taking in and breaking down of food is called_______(a) muscular
(b) nutrient (c) absorpture (d) digestive

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17. A lane is_____ wide in athletic track events (a) 1.22m (b) 2.55m (c) 4.55m (d) 0.5m The longest of all races is called _____(a) 10000m race(b) 5000m race (c) marathon (d) 800m race

18. How many times does an athlete run round a standard track in 400m events? (a) once (b) twice (c) thrice (d) 4 times

19. The two types of baton exchange are (a) visual and non-visual (b) visual visible (c) physical and non-physical (d) relay and non-relay

20. In athletics the starter’s commands for the sprint event is ________ (a) set, go, on your marks (b) get, set, at your marks (c) set on your marks, go (d) on your mark, set, go

21. Which of the following is NOT a jumping event? (a) shot put (b) high jump (c) long jump (d) triple jump

22. Artificial respiration is the treatment given to a victim of______ (a) anaemia (b) suffocation (c) dislocation (d) fracture

23. A continuous exchange of strokes between players in Table Tennis is_____ (a) rally (b) alley (c) smashing (d) deuce

24. Which of the following is not a purpose of swimming? (a) for survival (b) for combat (c) all round development of the body (d) for pleasure

25. Which of these is not a stroke in swimming? (a) breast stroke (b) butterfly stroke (c) top stroke (d) back stroke

26. Which of these diseases may be prevented by adequate sewage disposal? (a) malaria (b) ringworm (c) syphilis (d) tuberculosis

27. All the following can be transmitted through contaminated water except?(a) cholera (b) dysentery (c) ringworm (d) typhoid

28. Medley events shall consist of ______laps (a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 7 (d) 2

29. Common sport injuries include the following except______ (a) bruises (b) sprain (c) dislocation (d) gun shut

30. ______ is the activities engaged in during leisure hours to revitalize the body and brain(a) Physical training (b) Swimming (c) Gymnastic (d) Recreation

31. Which of the following events is not run on the track? (a) 400m (b) Marathon (c) 200m (d)4x400m

32. Which of the following is a uses of water? (a) for drinking (b) for washing (c) for industrial use (d) all of the above

33. To avoid injuries, learners must need _____during exercise (a) demonstration (b) student (c) spotters (d) sitters

34. Sever bleeding of an injured person could lead to______(a) suffocation (b) death (c) infirmity (d) deformity

35. A simple fracture is when______ (a) bones breaks without tearing the flesh (b) there is displacement of bones (c) flesh and bone breaks (d) flesh tears only

36. The physical, social, mental and psychological maltreatment of a child by an adult is _____(a) child abuse (b) personality abuse (c) adult abuse (d) child trafficking

37. One of the following is not an effect of child abuse_____ (a) teenage pregnancy (b) they may commit suicide (c) they may display antisocial behavior (d) improve the child’s health

38. Athletic events competed for outside the running tracks are called______(a) jumping events (b) field events (c) throwing events (d) track events

39. One of the following is not a determinants of health (a) heredity (b) life style (c) environment (d) illiteracy

40. The following are all athletics events except________(a) swimming (b) 4x100m relay (c) shot put (d) triple jump

41. What is the distance between take-off board and the landing area in long jump? (a) 2.75m (b) 1 metre (c) 9 metre (d) 11 metre

42. The following are types of styles in High jump event except ________ (a) straddle (b) forward roll (c) Fosbury flop (d) scissors

43. Which of the following is not a field event? (a) high jump (b) javelin (c) 200m (d) triple jump

44. What is the full meaning of PHE? (a) Physical Health Education (b) Practical Health Education (c) Physical Healing Education (d) Physical and Health Education

45. The term sector is associated with ______ (a) javelin (b) shot put (c) discus (d) all of these

46. A jump is invalid if the athlete _______ (a) jumps twice (b) runs too fast (c) jump only once (d) oversteps the take-off board

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47. Another name for Hop step and jump is called ________(a) pole vault (b) broad jump (c) Astrid vault (d) triple jump

48. The skill used to start a game of volleyball is ______(a) Goal keeping (b) Driving (c) Service (d) Rally

49. During services, if the ball touches the net, but still falls into the appropriate court______ shall be called (a) point (b) net (c) loss of service (d) net

50. A stroke in which a swimmer uses any style is called_______(a) butterfly (b) free style (c) breast stroke (d) back stroke

51. Food is important to the body in the following ways EXCEPT_______(a) it promotes good health (b) It develops the muscles of the body (c) it makes the body to grow well (d) it reduces the energy

52. How many players make-up a team in the game of volleyball? (a) 6 (b) 12 (c) 18 (d) 11

53. The programme of health activities designed and executed purposely to improve on the health status of the school child is referred to as______ programme (a) school health (b) community health (c) group health (d) general health

54. ______is NOT an objective of school health programme? (a) to develop the child’s health needs and interests (b) to develop good healthful habits (c) to provide special health care services for the disabled and exceptional children (d) to promote diseases among the school children.

55. The following are officials of karate EXCEPT (a) the referee (b) the judges (c) the marks man (d) time keeper

56. There are _____ judges in the game of karate (a) 5 (b) 6 (c) 4 (d) 8

57. Who among these officials conducts the karate match and awards points? (a) the referee (b) the recorder (c) the time keeper (d) administrator

58. Olympic game data Greeks. The first organized Olympic Game was held

In_____ (a) 667BC (b) 776 BC (C) 677 BC (d) 767 BC

59. Middle distance races are generally started by ______ (a) Squatting (b) Standing (c) Jumping (d) Sprinting

60. Athletic is divided into how many groups? (a) 4 (b) 6 (c) 3 (d) 2

61. Physical education is an integral part of the education which helps to develop the body and mind through_____ (a) Physical activities (b) Physical fitness (c) Physical entertainment (d) None of these

62. When an athlete crosses the lane, he is said to be_____ (a) Praised (b) Disqualified (c) Positioned (d) Honored

63. Physical Education is a branch of Education which makes us _____? (a) Lazy (b) Smart (c) Small (d) Fat

64. The Olympic Games comes up every _______ years (a) Ten (b) Six (c) Four (d) Seven

65. All these except ONE are contents of first Aid Box (a) injection (b) iodine (c) water (d) bandage

66. Field event can be grouped into _______ parts (a) Four (b) Five (c) Six (d) Two

67. The Scope of athletics is _____and ______ (a) Long jump and high jump (b) High Jump and field event (c) Track and triple jump (d) Track and field event

68. Beating the gun in athletics means that a runner (a) Fails to move after the Gun is fired (b) Runs off after the gun is fired (c) Runs before the gun is fired (d) Runs off with the gun

69. Sport promotes _______ (a) Violence (b) Quarrelling (c) Unity (d) Fighting

70. Which of the following is not an official in athletics competitions? (a) Marksman (b) Linesmen (c) Referee (d) Timekeeper

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71. The idea of physical education can be traced to (a) Europe (b) Olympic Games (c) Early man (d) Nigeria

72. The father of the modern Olympic Game was_____ (a) William Morgan (b) John Baselow (c) J .J Okocha (d) Baron Pierre De Coubertin

73. The place on the track where the athletes stay to receive commands from the starter is called______ (a) Scratch line (b) Scratch card (c) Scratch door (d) Scratch board

74. Athletic events competed for outside the running track are called______ (a) Jumping events (b) Field events (c) Throwing events (d) Track events

75. Which of the following is a types of crouch start?_______ (a) Medium start (b) Bunch start (c) Elongated start (d) All of the above

76. The last runner of a four man relay team is _______ (a) The last man (b) The anchor leg (c) The third man (d) The batch man

77. An athlete is disqualified in a 400m race if he beats the gun ______ (a) five times (b) two times (c) four times (d) one time

78. A standard athletic track measures_______ (a) 500m (b) 400m (c) 100m (d) 200m (e) 800m

79. How many times does an athlete run round a standard track in 400m? (a)Twice (b) Once (c) Thrice (d) 4 times

80. Which of the following is a function and value of games and sports? (a) It serves as an avenue to unite various ethnic groups (b) It is used to reduce tension. (c) It serves as an avenue to improve health and physical fitness level of individual (d) all of the above

81. The following are safety precautions in games and sports except______ (a) Wear appropriate gear and equipment. (b) The playing environment should be well-neat and appropriate for the sport. (c) Warm up and cool down (d) always engage in rough play

82. The area within which baton change takes place is called ________zone (a) Finishing (b) prohibited (c) military (d) change over

83. Volleyball game got introduced in the year _______ (a) 1895 (b)1920 (c) 1845 (d) 1923

84. What is the full meaning of ITTF? (a) Individual Table Tennis Federation (b) International Table Tennis Federation (c) Individual Table Tennis Formation (d) Individual Tennis Federation

85. One of the following is not equipment in the game of volleyball (a) Net (b) Table for scorer (c) Score sheet (d) Baton

86. The following are officials of the game of volleyball EXCEPT_______(a) The first referee (b) The scorer (c) The second referee (d) Starter

87. What is dead ball in volleyball terminologies? (a) When the ball touches the ground (b) When the ball is not in play (c) When the ball is burst (d) All of the above

88. In the game of volleyball, if the two opponents touch the net at the same time, it is referred to as ______ (a) Double foul (b) Single foul (c) Triple foul (d) multiple foul

89. Nigeria Table Tennis Federation was formed in ______ (a) 1945 (b) 1948 (c) 1962 (d) 1946

90. The game of karate begins when the referee calls______ (a) matte (b) hajime (c) set (d) waza ari

91. Ippon in karate means______ (a) half point (b) double mark (c) full point (d) disqualification

92. A match normally last for _______ minutes in karate game (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5

93. The following are the offences that calls for disqualification in karate (a) excessive physical body contact (b) failure to obey the referee (c) obedience to the rule of the game (d) if he/ she breaks the match rules

94. In the game of karate, the contestant must wear a ______ karategi with a coloured belt (a) red (b) blue (c) cream (d) white

95. The following are Greek city state EXCEPT ______ (a) Athens (b) Spata (c) Corinth (d) Ethiopia

96. Fredrick Guts-Muths was known to be the _______ in Germany (a) father of gymnastics (b) enemy of gymnastics (c) father of soccer (d) father of volleyball

97. Who is a gymnast? (a) a person who run from gymnastic activities (b) a person officiate gymnastics activities (c) a person who performs gymnastics activities (d) a person who punish an offender in gymnastics activities

98. What is a gymnasium? (a) it is a place where gymnastics activities are performed (b) it is a place we relax when we are tired in sporting activities (c) it is a place of worship (d) it is a changing room for sporting activities

99. The following are objectives of gymnastics EXCEPT (a) it serves as a sources of livelihood (b) it helps to correct postural defects (c) it helps to achieve greater balance (d) it promote laziness

100. _______ is a place where gymnastic equipment are kept. (a) Store (b) Shop (c) Gymnasium (d) Shelf

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