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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

SPECIAL DISCUSS ~ #TPNangle Ep. 4: ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Solution to unemployment

SPECIAL DISCUESS ~ #TPNangle Ep. 4: ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Solution to unemployment, precious ikpoza, xpino media, the pace news
Last week's chat on #TPNangle was fantastic when we have a great speaker, Adebisi Yusuf (@adebisithemmy) who talked on “INTERNET: INSTRUMENT FOR THE PEOPLE OR GOVERNMENT?”The session was interesting and we know that. But this week, we have brought you a special person, someone who knows how it goes in business and in the money world, he is an entrepreneur, investor, new age internet user and a business man. His name: Precious Xpino Ikpoza, @xpino2k.

Xpino is currently the CEO and founder of Xpino Media which covers a lot of businesses like Xpino Jobs, Xpino Data, Xpino Blog and lots more. Under his platform he has given entrepreneurs a chance to also make money using his platform by empowering them. Precious Xpino Ikpoza will be mentoring us on “ENTREPRENEURSHIP: SOLUTION TO UNEMPLOYMENT”. Read, relax and enjoy…

Its a pleasure hooking up with u On #TPNangle
Ok. Hmmm, I am Precious #Xpino Ikpoza, a proud entrepreneur.
For starters, the motion says it all, “ENTREPRENEURSHIP” is really a Solution to unemployment”. That is a fact
The scenario in the country at the moment also points to the fact that entrepreneurship is the solution to so many financial handicaps.

How many blue collar jobbers are happy with their take home? While they groan for pay rise, there are millions waiting to snatch their jobs.
Permit me to comprehensively define the term ‘entrepreneur’…
An entrepreneur is a person who operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.
To be involved in entrepreneurship doesn't entail sitting at home and folding your legs for income to come. Risk is involved…plus tenacity
With the population of unemployed youths soaring, no well informed person will like to graduate then enter queue to search for jobs.

The educational setting has been more of FINISH SCHOOLING THEN GET A JOB
Please, the youth of today should rather finish schooling then create some income generating business. There are so many options on the table...
Its a good thing that most schools today (like @ueccollege) are aiming at empowering students with skills that can fetch them income
The government too continues to give some free skills acquisition seminars/workshops. …

The bigger picture is that out of 100 school leavers, if 30 can create jobs, it reduces the load on the govt and private companies…

For instance #BillGate is a world class entrepreneur. Take a survey, some of his mates might surely be working with/for him at the moment…

That is the power of entrepreneurship. IF YOU SAIL YOUR BOAT RIGHT, THE TIDES WILL GIVE YOU SOME RIGHTS #XPINO – 2017.  Lol, some quote there!

Most unemployed persons today can actually better their lots by grabbing some skills or investing in products that are necessities …
Rather than continue to trudge all the streets of #Lagos with your cv or apply for all kind of jobs, do a personal survey of your hobbies..’
Invest in the ones that you feel will turn you into a service provider. Nurture it. do some research. Get reliable mentors. Don't stall…
According to entrepreneur.com …
If you want to be an entrepreneur someday, here’s an equation you should print out and feed your desire with: ….
Entrepreneur + Capital = Products + Customers = Business.
At the moment, #XpinoMedia has dozens of affiliates nationwide. These entrepreneurs earn an average of #5000 profit weekly.

Interested persons can call our hotlines on 09064851978, 07058075235 and 08063199218. Join our team of entrepreneurs and become your own boss
Thank u very much for the privilege.
WATCH the chat below…


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