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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tutorial Questions on Civic Education for SS 2

Tutorial questions for civic education ss2 xpino.org xpino scholars


1. _______ is a status attained by procreation (a) fatherhood (b) motherhood (c) parenthood (d) neighbourhood (e) brotherhood

2. _______ is a means by which one can be a parent (a) adoption (b) cohabitation (c) abortion (d) seduction (e) collection

3. ______ is a process by which one woman carries pregnancy on behalf another (a) Maternal labour contract (b) caesarean section (c) surrogacy (d) advocacy (e) maternity

4. IVF means _____ (a) in vitro formation (b)in vitro fertilization (c)invest fatherhood (d) in vitro foetus (e) embryo

5. A process by which a husband donates his sperm and eggs are retrieved from the wife is called _______ (a) in vitro formation (b)in vitro fertilization (c)invest fatherhood (d) embryo (e)in vitro foetus

6. A parent is a ________ of a child (a) father (b) mother (c) father and mother (d)all of the above (e)none of the above

7. _______ is a social father (a) Genitor (b) Pater (c) Octogenarian (d) Septuagenarian (e)genetics

8. _________ is a biological father (a) Genitor (b) Septuagenarian (c) Octogenarian (d) Pater (e)genetics

9. _________ are woman never experience marriage and never consider one but are keen to have children. (a) Nubile women (b) liberated women (c) society (d) foster parenthood (e) none of these

10. A process whereby a couple raise a particular child that is not their own is _______ (a) adopted parenthood (b) social parenthood (c) society parenthood (d) foster parenthood (e) long parenthood

11. ______ is a situation where parents are driven by their needs and make an extension of their own identity by using their children to live out their identity (a) Attachment parenting (b) helicopter parenting (c) narcissistic parenting (d) positive parenting (e) graffiti parenting

12. _______ is a situation where parents constantly involve themselves in the child / children’s affair by constantly interrupting their ability to function on their own. (a) Attachment parenting (b) helicopter parenting (c) narcissistic parenting (d) positive parenting (e) graffiti parenting

13. A technique of parenting where the parents give unconditional support to their child/ children is ________ (a) Attachment parenting (b) positive parenting (c) strict parenting (d) toxic parenting (e) headship parenting

14. There are _______ styles of parenthood (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 (e)18

15. Responsible parenthood is _______ parenthood (a) Single (b) dual (c) nucleus (d) foster (e) judicial

16. Pedestrian bridges are built for _____ (a) cars (b)motorcycles (c) human (d) cows (e) none of the above

17. ______ makes it possible for road users to obey rules and regulations to maintain orderliness in the society (a) traffic police (b) traffic regulation (c) traffic light (d) traffic signs (e) traffic songs

18. There are _______ stakeholders in traffic rules and regulations (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 (e) 9

19. Traffic lights have _______ colours on them (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 (e) 9

20. Traffic signs were first developed in (a) Asia (b) Europe (c) America (d) Africa (e) Ausralia

21. Road traffic signs divide into _____ categories (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 (e) 8

22. Regulatory signs are into two, prohibitory and ______ (a) trajectory (b) mandatory (c) introductory (d) informatory (e) none of the above

23. Signs placed on the road to inform a road users on the position of their location are ______ signs (a) Regulatory (b) informative (c) warning trafficating (e) none of the above

24. Two ways, roundabout, no right turn and parking prohibited are examples of __ signs. (a) Regulatory (b) informative (c) warning (d) jumpology (e) none of the above

25. Route assurance signs, direction sign to airport and hospital signs are ____ signs (a) Regulatory (b) informative (c) warning (d)trafficator (e) all of the above

26. Dangerous bend ahead and uneven road are examples of ____ signs. (a) Regulatory (b) informative (c) warning (d)telecom (e)tele gram

27. Regulatory signs are usually ______in shape (a) Rectangular (b) triangular (c) circular (d) square (e) Te square

28. Under the new Lagos traffic laws, smoking while driving attracts a fine of ___ naira (a) 5,000 (b) 10,000 (c) 15,000 (d) 20,000 (e)1,000

29. Under the new Lagos traffic laws, driving against traffic attracts a ____ year jail term (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 (e)10

30. Driving when there is a storm is a _____ factor of road traffic accidents (a) Environmental (b) mechanical (c) human (d) goatry (e) none one

31. Brake failure is ____ factor of road traffic accidents. (a) Environmental (b) mechanical (c) human (d) goatry (e) none of the above

32. FRSC was established in the year _____ (a) 1988 (b)1986 (c) 1988 (d)2000 (e)2010

33. A responsible parent is someone who (a) cares and provides for the children (b) indulges the children because of love (c) works in order to receive salary (d)employs house-helps to take care of the children (e) none of the above

34. A major way of promoting responsible parenthood is through (a) sex education (b) sound education (c) population control measures (d) tax reduction measures (e)thuggery

35. An individual who finds it difficult to control in-take of drug is known as drug (a) baron (b) trafficker (c) mogul (d) addict (e) mettlestone

36. The NDLEA personnel are not usually found in (a) international airports (b) seaports (c) border crossings (d)foreign embassies (e) none of the above

37. Which of the following statement best describes human trafficking? (a) Recruitment of youths as casual workers (b) Desperate desire by the youths to travel abroad (b) Buying and selling of humans for selfish purposes (d) Transportation of goods and services through human portage (e) Selling humans to help government

38. The idea that “Law should be impartial with the people who break it” implies (a)Principle of fair hearing (b) right to legal representation (c) equality before the law (d) prerogative writ of habeas corpus (e) No retreat no surrender

39. Information signs are painted in colour ______ (a) Blue (b) yellow (c) green (d) red (e) purple

40. Regulatory mandatory signs are painted in _______ (a) Blue (b) yellow (c) green (d) red (e) orange

41. _______ is a physical effect of drug abuse on an individual (a) Hallucination (b) brain damage (c) anxiety (d) reduced performance at work (e) mental problem

42. Consequences of drug abuse are economic, moral and __(a) Physical (b) emotional (c) social (d) psychological (e)morally

43. Paranoia is an effect of drug addiction (a) physical (b) social (c) financial (d) psychological (e)pensionier

44. Kidney failure is a _______ effect of drug addiction (a) physical (b) social (c) financial (d) psychological (e)laziness

45. Which of these is not a consequence of drug addiction on the society? (a) divorce (b)crime (c)loss of job (d)none of the above (e)Intelligence

46. Drug addicts always spend money ____ (a) Prudently (b) recklessly (c) consciously (d) cautiously (e)carefully

47. The regulation of the quality of drug is a function of the ______ (a) NDLEA (b)NAFDAC (c) PSN (d) Ministry of health (e) Navy

48. _____ adopts measures to identify, trace, freeze, confiscate or seize proceed derived from drug related offences (a) EFCC (b) NAFDAC (c) ICPC (d) NPF

49. _____ is in charge of the regulation and control of manufactured, imported, exported, sales and of food drugs, cosmetics, and chemicals, medical and packaged water (a) NDLEA (b) EFCC (c) NAFDAC (d) ICPC (e)SSS

50. NDLEA is a promulgation of decree number 48 of ____ (a) 1981 (b)1987 (c)1989 (d) 1982 (e)1978

51. NAFDAC was established in _____ (a) ) 1981 (b)1987 (c)1989 (d) 1982 (e)1978

52. ____ is the government to the people by the people and for the people (a)Autocracy (b) democracy (c) feudalism (d) hierarchy(e)monocracy

53. ______ of democracy is what people benefit from the system of government they choose to be ruled by (a) decent (b) demand (c) dividend (d) decode (e)default

54. Freedom of the press makes the government to be ______ to the people (a)affordable (b) collectable (c)adorable (d) accountable (e) unaccountable

55. ________ is one of the political parties in Nigeria (a) JCN (b)PDN (c)APC (d)FIRO (e)CLO

56. One of the major functions of the Federal road Safety Corps is making the highway ______ for motorist and other users (a) Clean (b) safe (c) smooth (d) free (e) form

57. Which of the military formation of Nigeria defends the country on sea? (a) The Nigerian air force (b) the Nigerian navy (c) the Nigerian army (d) the mobile police (e) the Nigerian civil defence

58. Candidates to be elected are nominated through _______ (a)political parties (b)Natural Assembly (c)connection of elders (d)chief justice of the federation (e) inexperienced youth

59. ______ is known as the father of democracy (a)Lord Luggard (b)Wesley (c)John Maslow (d) Charles Taylor (e) Abraham Lincoln

60. The tenure for political office holders in Nigeria is ______ years (a) Eight (b)six (c)four (d)two (e)for life

1. Enumerate and explain skills that promote interpersonal relationship

2. Define popular participation

3. State and explain importance of popular participation

4. Explain the meaning of responsible parenthood

5. List types of parenthood

6. State causes of single parenthood

7. State styles of parenthood and roles of responsible parents

8. Explain the importance of responsible parenthood to national development

9. Enumerate the importance of traffic rules

10. List types of road traffic signs

11. Explain road traffic signs and give two examples of each

12. Explain Interpersonal relationship 

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