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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Basic Technology Notes of Lesson JS2: FIRST AID AND FIRST AID MATERIALS

first aid box
First aid is the immediate treatment or assistance given to someone injured or who gets ill suddenly, before the arrival of a doctor or before the person is taken to hospital for further treatment.

Minor accidents may occur in the course of using workshop tools and machines. Hence, there is a need to learn about first aid materials and their applications. A first aid box with its contents is an important piece of equipment needed in every technology workshop.

Materials inside a first aid box:
1. Cotton wool: this is used as an absorbent material or as a pad.

2. Scissors: we use scissors for cutting. The scissors should be blunt ended to avoid injury.

3. Bandages: they are used to protect wounds from dirt, restrict movement of parts of the body, and maintain pressure on dressing or reduce swelling. Bandages used to cover wounds should be clean.

4. Adhesive dressing plaster: this is used to cover minor wounds.

5. Safety pins and clips: they are used to secure the bandage or dressing.

6. Disposable gloves: they are used for protecting the hands against contamination during dressing and disposal of waste materials.

7. Drugs like paracetamol and panadol which help to reduce pains, headaches and fever.

8. Iodine B.P.: it is used in disinfectant preparations for cleaning wounds.

Practical class: visit the college nurse for practical application of the following first aid techniques:
1. Simple first aid for snake bite or scorpion sting
2. Case of electric shock
3. Minor and deep cuts
4. Burns by fire or chemical

1. What is first aid?

2. Why is it important for students to learn how to use a first aid box and its contents before they begin to use tools and equipment in the workshop?

3. Why is there need to have a first aid box in a Basic Technology workshop?

4. What are five first aid materials?

5. How would you assist a victim of snake bite?

6. If a worker gets cut while using a tool what would you do to help?

7. What are the two main causes of burns?

8. What will you do first if your skin comes in contact with chemicals?

9. When a minor cut occurs, why should the thumb be pressed against the injury.

10. Explain why it is necessary to switch off all electrical appliances before leaving the workshop.

1. Define the term ‘rescue’
2. How can dogs be useful to man when he is in danger?

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