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Sunday, August 14, 2016

xpinoSMS cheap bulk sms

On xpinoSMS  Platform, you can now send bulk SMS for as low as #2.35 naira each.

xpinoSMS is an effective BULK SMS Platform for companies, schools and individuals. This is a subsidiary of the Xpino Media network.

With our unique features xpinoSMS come handy in giving assistance to schools, businesses, corporate firms, organizations and other establishments who wishes to keep

Benefits of using xpinoSMS:
  1. You can send SMS to multiple contacts and groups;
  2. Our SMS gets delivered in seconds;
  3. We guarantee that each of our sent messages gets delivered;
  4. We can help you schedule messages on daily, weekly or monthly basis;
  5. Your SENDER ID can be branded/customized. E.g. Royal School;
  6. The platform is reliable and cost effective;
  7. Schools can easily send customized bulk info to parents/students;
  8. You can use our platform to send invitation for wedding, house warming, special programmes, product launch, etc.

For more inquiries, contact our customer service department via: 08063199218, 0812614431, 07058075235, 070871510218  or 08093122333

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