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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Career Prospect and opportunities in Technology

careers in technology xpino scholars

Fields of Technology
There are numerous studies and work areas that are within the field of technology. Technology is in the area of producing things, and providing service or using things in given ways. Such areas of human endeavour include engineering and construction, medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, business and commerce. Although Economics, history, languages, religion and pure science are not under the field of technology, in a way technology may be used to advance them.

In each field of technology, there are many occupations. There are many aspects of technology that only qualified people with a level of education and training. For example, in the field of engineering and construction, the families of professionals comprise artisans (semi-skilled), craftsmen, master craftsmen, technicians, higher technicians, technologists and professional engineers. However, some occupations in technology may not have the equivalent grade of engineering, artisans or craftsmen, due to the high level of scientific training required in the practice. An example of such occupation is Medicine.

Categories of occupations and Schools one should attend to get certified:

 Artisan/Craftsmen>    Vocational institutions, including Technical Colleges

Technicians, Higher Technicians and Technologists>    Polytechnics and Monotechnics (for single occupation)

Professionals>    Universities/Professional Institutions

Career Planning
Career planning involves the careful planning and systematic actualization of one’s general course of action or conduct in life as regards his/her chosen future profession or occupation. It is very necessary that, when you are planning your career in technology occupations you should think of your chosen profession and its educational route. For examples, if you choose to be a professional engineer, your educational route may be like this:

Possible educational route of an engineer xpinoscholars
Possible educational route of an engineer

Technology Occupation/Training Routes

1. Engineering
a. Mechanical engineering
b. Electrical engineering
c. Electronic engineering
d. Computer engineering
e. Aeronautic engineering
f.  Chemical engineering
g. Building engineering
h. Civil engineering
i.  Agricultural engineering
j.  Telecommunication engineering

2. Architecture           

3. Medicine    
a. General practice
b. Dental medicine
c. Veterinary medicine
d. Pharmacy
e. Ophthalmology
f.  Gynaecology and obstetrics
g. Surgery

4. Agriculture    
a.    Animal production
b.    Crop production

5. Business   
a.    Management
b.    Crop production

Technology has a vast array of opportunities for education and training – from the lowest level to the highest level. Skills in these various levels are studied in various schools.  Individual nations and even the World Bank are striving to better the lots of people going into various aspects of technology.

However, the success in any technology occupational career depends on a number of factors, among which are:
1.    Natural and developed abilities, and
2.    Interest and drive.

Discover and develop your natural abilities, discover your interests and drive, or motivate yourself to learn your chosen occupation in technology and you will be among the most successful.

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