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Friday, March 18, 2016

BASIC TECHNOLOGY LESSON NOTE: Building Construction - Walls and Floors

Wall and floors
Walls of traditional buildings like huts are made from mud, grass and timber, while walls of modern buildings like duplex are made from bricks.
Walls are reinforced to make them stronger.

What do walls  provide to buildings?
1.    Strengthen and stability;
2.    Protection against weather conditions and external danger;
3.    Durability;
4.    Fire protection; and
5.    Sound control as in a theatre, music studio or big assembly place.

Materials for making traditional houses
1.    Mud
2.    Clay
3.    Laterite
4.    Grass
5.    Leaves
6.    Corrugated iron sheets
7.    Sawn timber

8.    Water

Materials for making modern houses
blocks and reinforcement rods used in building
Sawn timber 
2.    Clay
3.    Laterite
4.    Cement
5.    Gravel
6.    Corrugated iron sheets
7.    Asbestos

8.    Granite
9.    Water
10.  Plywood
11.  Veneer
12.  Aluminium
13.  Chrome
14.  Damp Proof Membrane
15.  Damp Proof Course.

The two classes of modern walls:

1.    Load bearing wall: this carries its own weight and the weight of the materials put on it, e.g. roof and floor slab.

2.    Non-load bearing wall: this carries no load, but serves the purpose of partitioning, protection and beautification, e.g. fence and partitioning walls.

1.    List 7 common types of walls
2.    What is DPC?
3.    List the functions of the DPC.


Floors carry the load in a building. The two main types of floors are concrete and timber floors. 

Timber floors are cheap and durable. They make the building cool. But they are not as durable as concrete floors.

Concrete floors are widely used today. They are strong, solid and last longer. Concrete floors may be reinforced with iron rods.

Examples of floor finishes
Making a concrete slab floor
Making a concrete slab floor

Marble floor
Marble floor

Stone/Brick Floor
Stone/Brick Floor

Terrazzo Floor
Terrazzo Floor

1.    Tiled floor;
2.    Floor screed;
3.    Rubber sheet;
4.    Terrazzo;
5.    Sheet floor;
6.    Slab floor;
7.    Marble mosaic

8.    Para Jana

1.    What are the functions of a building?
2.    What are 5 materials for making traditional houses?
3.    What are the differences between load bearing and non-load bearing walls?
4.    What are the differences between concrete floors and timber floors?

5.    List 5 examples of floor finishes.

1.    What is the function of doors and windows in a building?
2.    Draw two types of windows you know



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