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Friday, January 9, 2015

Introducing...UEC College, Ikorodu-Lagos...developing leaders!


 The economic prosperity of any nation, the quality of life of its people, and the development of a society that is just and equitable for all depend critically on the quality of education of its citizens. An effective education system enables a nation to develop its human capital, thereby producing the highly skilled leaders, professionals, artisans, and informed citizens who will power the country’s economic, political, and social institutions.

At UEC College, our core purpose is developing leaders. We aim to equip all students – without exception – with the confidence and competence to build a better tomorrow for themselves and to play leadership roles in building a more vibrant society. Our graduates meet rigorous academic and vocational standards that prepare them for success beyond high school. 

We provide high-quality education in a safe and nurturing learning environment that stimulates each student’s understanding of his/her purpose; furthermore, we create the enabling conditions for the achievement of that purpose for the benefit of all students and the larger society. 

UEC College is a value-driven organization. All stakeholders – parents, school leaders, staff, students, community and business partners – are committed to motivating, rewarding, and celebrating our five shared values.
At UEC College, we believe that quality education is the pathway to high skills, positive contribution to society, and improved quality of life.

UEC COLLEGE is a day and boarding Secondary and Sixth Form College. The school has homely and comfortable boarding facilities.

08121614431, 08063199218 or 08093122333.

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