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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Basic Technology JS2: Distribution of Electricity

Distribution of Electricity

Electrical Distribution is the process of transmitting  electrical power from the power plant to various consumers such as domestic and industrial premises.

Distribution of electricity involves the use of high voltage switch gears, step-down transformers, voltage dividers, and related equipment to receive high-voltage electricity from a primary source and redistributing it at a lover voltage.

Parts of Electricity distribution system:
1.      Distribution substations;
2.      Primary distribution feeders;
3.      Distribution transformers;
4.      Secondary circuits;
5.      Services to the consumer;
6.      Protective devices (fuses);
7.      Control devices (switches).

All electrical distribution in Nigeria is carried out with Alternating Current (A.C) system. The following (AC) supply systems are available by the Power Holding Company of Nigeria:
1.      Single phase 2-wire: 1 live wire, 1 neutral wire
2.      Single phase3-wire:  1 live wire, 1 neutral wire, 1 earth wire
3.      Three phase 3-wire:  3 live wires, I neutral wire
4.      Three phase 4-wire:  3 live wires, 1 neutral wire, 1 earth wire.

Note that the three phase 4-wire system is the most widely used for the basic reason that the other systems can be easily obtained from it.
A house has to be wired before electricity can be supplied to it. It is of paramount importance that a qualified electrician undertakes the project of wiring and fixing accessories and appliances in the house.

1.      What is electricity distribution?
2.      What are 4 things that the distribution of electricity involves?
3.      Mention 5 parts of Electricity distribution system.
4.      What Current system is all electrical distribution in Nigeria carried out with?
5.      Mention 4 types of electricity distribution phases.
6.      Why is three phase 4-wire system the most widely used distribution system in Nigeria?

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