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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Basic Technology (JS 3)


Periodic maintenance is a scheduled care or maintenance of pieces of equipment. We need to maintain hour equipment to prolong their years of usage. When carrying out periodic maintenance, it is advisable to keep maintenance record.

Types of periodic maintenance
1.      Short-term periodic maintenance: this involves scheduled maintenance activities to be carried out on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis.
2.      Medium-term periodic maintenance: this involves scheduled maintenance activities to be carried out on monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly intervals.
3.      Long-term periodic maintenance: this involves scheduled maintenance activities that are carried out at long intervals such as twice a year, annually or once in two years.

Methods of maintenance
1.      Cleaning
2.      Dusting
3.      Washing
4.      Oiling
5.      Adjusting selected parts
6.      Replacing faulty parts 

Importance of periodic maintenance
1.      It helps to increase the work-life of our tools and equipment.
2.      It is the only way that the breakdown of equipment can be prevented.
3.      it saves cost in terms of time, money and energy.
4.      It shows that we are good technicians.

1.      What is periodic maintenance?
2.      Why should we carry out regular periodic maintenance on our equipment?
3.      What is short-term periodic maintenance?
4.      What is medium-term periodic maintenance?
5.      What is long-term periodic maintenance?
6.      What are five methods of maintenance?
7.      What are three importance of periodic maintenance?

List the names of six household furniture.

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