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Friday, December 26, 2014


Hazards in Electrical Installation Work – Prevention of accidents
Accidents can be prevented in the work area if we obey safe rules. Safety rules are certain rules that must be observed in order to avoid the risk of fire, electric shock and accidents.
Some safety rules are:
1.       Do not close any switch unless you are familiar with the circuit that it controls.
2.       Do not test circuits with your bare fingers.
3.       Always use insulated tools when working on circuits.
4.       Make sure that live-lines are switched off before attempting repairs.
5.       Loose clothing should be avoided where machinery is in use.
6.       Avoid clothing such as neck tie and long sleeves when working on machines.
7.       Always stand on all rubber mats while working on a live part/panel.
8.       Fire extinguishers should be provided and located at points easily reached by the workshop personnel.
9.       Do not throw water on live electrical equipment in case of fire.
10.    Do not touch an electric circuit when your hands are wet.
11.    Goggle should be used when using a grinding wheel.
12.    Safety boots should be worn to protect the feet in slippery condition, and from penetration.

Safety Devices:
Safety devices are devices designed to prevent injury or accidents.

Some safety devices:
1.       Safety helmet
2.       Hand gloves
3.       Safety shoes
4.       Safety belt
5.       Safety glasses/goggles

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