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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Basic Technology: TECHNOLOGY


Technology can be defined as the scientific knowledge used in practical ways to meet and satisfy human needs and comforts.

We can also say Technology is the method or processes by which people produce or process what they eat, drink, wear and use.

Meaning of Technology:
A very long time ago, man carried out all his activities manually. For instance, transportation was mainly on foot. All food processing were done manually and laboriously. Later, man used beasts of burden like camels, horses, and donkeys as means of transportation.
Technology is needed by man to meet and satisfy his needs with maximum comforts.

Types of Technology:

Highly Developed Technology involves the methods of carrying out any work through the use of machines e.g. Tractors, combine harvesters, refrigerators, micro-waves.

Under Developed Technology involves the use of manual processes e.g. use of cutlass for weeding, the use of hook and net for fishing, trekking, using grinding stone to grind food ingredients etc.

Arms/Segments of Basic Technology:

Basic Technology as a subject deals with the following aspects:

Technical Drawing
Building construction
Metal works

Products of Technology:
Some products of technology are:
Ceiling fan
Motor vehicles
CD/DVD players
Drum set
Photocopy machine

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