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Saturday, December 27, 2014


Technology is not necessarily ‘transferred’, it is developed. People develop technology when they improve their knowledge, skills and procedures for making, using and doing things.
Technology leads to economic development of the community where it is used. Technology can be applied to all aspects of human endeavours, be it religion, politics, banking, social, business, academics and sports.

All the countries in the world have been blessed by nature. Abundant natural resources at their disposal, but only countries with a well-developed technology makes maximum use of her gifts for the benefit of her people. Countries with under-developed technology cannot make adequate use of their natural resources. Such countries will sell her raw materials at low prices to developed countries. For instance, Nigeria exports her crude oil to USA ‘cheaply’ rather than refine the raw material here then export finished products to countries so as to make more income. Such situation is akin to a farmer who has a large piece of land for farming but still beg people to give him food to eat.

Poor or under-developed technology can lead to shortage of food and clothing, poor shelter, poor health, inefficient means of transportation and communication and ineffective internal and external security.

A good educational system is the bedrock of developed technology. It encourages people to make use of both their brains and hands to acquire suitable knowledge and skills to design and produce methods and processes that will enable them to make maximum use of their resources for the benefit of the society.


What are five ways in which technology has improved standards of living?
Why do we need technology literacy?
How can you briefly describe each of the stages in technology?


What are workshop tools?
What is a workshop?

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